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Of men and create a better future!

We are in the process of human resource development to create a fair, just and open atmosphere, the humanization management, establish a set of full development of individual potential mechanism, while overall company goals, give each staff fully realize self-worth development space.

1. We in the recruitment and employment, pay attention to people's quality, potential, character, educational background and experience, follow the principle of fair selection and open competition, attract talents in terms of the truth. We many universities selection from around the country every year a group of outstanding graduates, as the talent pool, after training and practice in the important position of the company.

2. The manpower resource of our internal priority on the outside. We respect employees' autonomy, adhere to the personal willingness to the principle of combining with the need of the company as a whole for employee opens the space of the internal position switch. We can ensure that employees within the company has a certain liquid.

3. We pay fully demonstrates the importance of employees, responsibility size, capacity, contribution, experience and so on various aspects of the comprehensive level. Compensation is corresponding with work, fair and impartial.

4. We are committed to the path of common prosperity, the company's goal is to make the employee's income and living environment of synchronous growth with the company. Company efforts to create an environment of equality, rich, democratic.

5. We try to study how to exert the potential of employees, working to develop incentives, has played a positive, active, innovative efforts to guide staff subjective initiative. For each post, we all have a development plan, employees can realize their own progress, growth, and the joy of success. We set the attendance, monthly, quarterly performance awards performance, progress, service seniority award, outstanding staff award, award and special award for best employee award.

6. The company from top to bottom of the target management, employees shall, in accordance with the planning work of the individual goals to the company's overall goal, the company make a promise; At the same time the company provide training opportunities, meet the staff in the reasonable requirements of equipment, personnel, cooperation, etc, to form an organic whole. The company's appraisal system is based on the management by objectives.

7. We promote management cadre principle is moral and contribution. We believe that all of our staff is good, have the ability, just some shown, some temporary did not show it. As long as contributing to the company, we have the chance to be promoted.

8. Through performance appraisal, according to the size of the contribution, there must be a small number of employees at a competitive disadvantage. Enterprise to keep innovation vigor, keep the flow of blood and must be in there out, on the, this is the inevitable result of the evolution.

9. We set up perfect training system, employees only constantly to accept new knowledge, new skills, new methods, new ideas, constantly thinking, digestion, our advantage, to ensure that wisdom source is not dried up, to strive for success on the way of life.

Professional position

Technical position: tiny electronic switch and outlet product r&d engineers, mold design... And so on.

Professional job: business/engineering/quality process improvement... And so on.


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