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Enterprise culture idea:
Enterprise purpose: to grow together, sharing success
And our employees grow together, realizes the staff to the pursuit of career, affirmation of the self and beyond - to create opportunities for employees
We grow together with customers, and customers to share assets value-added brings joy - create value for customers
Cooperate with our partners, resource sharing, complementary advantages, combination, build brilliant
We grow with the society, promote the development of national economy, the revitalization of national scientific and technological progress, create benefit for the society
Pragmatic respect-work spirit of enterprise, innovation and high efficiency
Innovation is the soul of the company, is a career development motive force of the eternal
Tell the truth, the unreal, does the practical work, practical work
Respect, respect their career to treat professional respect, devout heart, is the first duty of a see her profession
Think of do, immediately begin, the rapid absorption, rapid change, act quickly
Management policy:
Market-oriented products and sales, to play a leading role, supported by brand and services, based on the technology research and development
Management mode:
People-centered. Employee is the owner of the company, is to grow up with the companies and individuals work, work at the same time is also better reflect their own value
Results oriented, from the three aspects: moral character, ability and performance comprehensive evaluation of employees
Pay attention to the institutionalization, streamline, standardization construction
Attaches great importance to the resource integration, including the technical resources, market resources, talent resources
The efficiency principle, the principle of satisfaction
Our talent:
Our people are talented person, any record of formal schooling, age
To promote the development of the company, to create benefits for the enterprise, the company as a business man
Talent is our most precious wealth
The development of talent to promote the development of the company, the company to provide a broader space for development of employees and better conditions
On the premise of company common goals and the overall image, the company advocates personality play
Pursuit of work, like-minded colleagues are interested in, healthy body, an open mind, optimistic spirit
Human resource management ideas:
Mission: to establish a learning organization, all hope to have as the ability of personnel to provide a stage play to their ability
Job analysis, evaluation and salary
Capacity model and performance management
The core team management and training
Human resource requirements and recruitment strategy
To attract and motivate talented people give full play to their potential, is the key to our sustainable development.
To adapt to the rapid change, it is the objective requirement of the Internet era of talent, only keep learning and growing to improve to keep up with the pace of The Times development.
The company code of conduct:
Honest, respect each other
Pay attention to ethics, law-abiding
Effective communication, understanding and cooperation
Initiative, team work spirit
Problem solving and decision making
Continuous innovation, bear the responsibility
Strict truth-seeking, professional dedication
Self-management, the professional ethics
Customer first, quality for this
To improve performance, cost savings
Aggressive, self development
Cooperation concept: first team Each primary and secondary
Management idea: culture system constraints
A philosophy: honesty, diligence, frugality
Learning and growing concept: concept for this fast learning target positioning The rapid growth
Business philosophy: to promote the project management system
Partner idea: the perspective-taking service paramountcy


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